• Explore Laven's comprehensive suite of CNC grinding solutions, each designed to meet diverse and demanding industrial needs with precision and efficiency.

CG 6020

The CG 6020 takes precision to a new level, offering robust performance for complex grinding tasks.

CG 400

Compact and versatile, the CG 400 delivers unparalleled accuracy for smaller workpieces.

CLG 6012

CLG 6012 stands as a paragon of productivity, blending speed and precision effortlessly.

GG 600

The GG 600 is engineered for durability, ensuring consistent performance even in the toughest conditions.

Groove Grinding

Perfect your grooves with our precision groove grinders, designed for exacting tasks.

Roller End Grinding

Our Roller End Grinders are tailored to shape and finish roller ends with superior accuracy.

Infeed Grinders

Laven's infeed grinders ensure precise control for batch production without sacrificing quality.

Thrufeed Grinders

Experience efficiency at its peak with our thrufeed grinders, ideal for high-volume production.

 Special Purpose Grinders

For unique grinding requirements, our special purpose grinders are the perfect solution.

Retrofitted Grinders

Combining the best of old and new, our retrofitted grinders are upgraded for modern performance demands.

Micro Centreless Grinders

Precision on a micro-scale, our micro centreless grinders deliver high-precision for the smallest components.

Sub Assemblies

Explore our range of sub-assemblies that enhance functionality and reliability of your grinding operations.

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