• CNC Reconditioning

    Due to wear and tear geometrical inaccuracies are introduced in your CNC Machines which are rectified by reconditioning.
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Why Your CNC Machines Needs to be Reconditioned?

Due to years of running and load any machine tool needs to be reconditioned to maintain accuracy and productivity. Most critical aspect for job/component accuracy depends on a machine’s geometrical accuracy.

With Laven, we will ensure...

Every part of the machine is carefully examined

From the mechanical parts, to electrical parts Laven will thoroughly inspect every part of your machine.

Replace all Damaged Parts - Mechanical and Electrical

Replace all the worn-out parts to new – Ball screws, guideways, bearings and other mechanical transmission elements.

Scraping and Reconditioning for Perfect alignment

With over 50 years of experience we will ensure perfect alignment in your machine and you can rest assured your machine will just work.

See Scraping in action - this is a process which is an art and a science. 
​With Laven's experienced technicians - your machines are in good hands.

Before we start any reconditioning operation - we make sure that the entire machine is insured.

Reconditioning Case Study

See how Laven Helped companies upgrade their factories - without making any purchase. We did so by reconditioning every single machine.

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Want help with remanufacturing your Machines?

​Let's connect you with our CNC Expert with over 20 years of experience upgrading  and retrofitting your existing machines.