• Advanced CNC Machine Retrofitting Solutions

    Elevate Your Equipment with the Latest Technology

 Introduction to Retrofitting Services

Unlock the full potential of your CNC machines with Laven's retrofitting services, combining the robustness of your existing equipment with the latest advancements in CNC technology.

The Advantages of Retrofitting with Laven:

  • Modernization: Integrate cutting-edge features into your current machinery, enhancing precision and productivity.
  • Customization: Tailored retrofitting solutions designed to meet unique production requirements.
  • Cost-Effective: A cost-saving alternative to investing in new machinery, reducing capital expenses.

Our Retrofitting Expertise

Technical Proficiency

Our team of experts employs state-of-the-art tools and techniques for seamless upgrades.

Quality Assurance

Each retrofitted machine is rigorously tested to meet stringent quality standards.


Confidence in our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty for retrofitted components.

Retrofitting Services Offered

CNC Control Upgrades

Revamp your machine with the latest CNC control systems for improved efficiency.

Drive and Motor Replacement

Enhance machine dynamics with high-performance drives and motors.

Mechanical Revisions

Precision mechanical modifications to improve machine longevity and performance.

    The Retrofitting Processs   


Thorough analysis of your current machinery and performance goals.


Strategic planning to ensure retrofitting meets your operational needs.


Efficient installation and integration of new systems and components.


Comprehensive testing and fine-tuning to confirm performance enhancements.

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