• CNC Remanufacturing

    Instead of buying a brand new CNC Machine, work with Laven to upgrade your General Purpose Machine to a full fledged CNC Machine.

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How Remanufacturing Can Save Costs?

Buying a new machine is always a very expensive affairs. From negotiating with different manufacturers, to finding the right fit. 

But have you asked this question - Do you really need to buy a new machine?

Your Mechanical Machines Just need to be upgraded

More often than not, you don't have to invest in an entire new machine - hydraulic and mechanical parts are still valuable - they just need to get connected to a modern Machine Control System

Breathe New Life into Your Machines - Track Everything.

From upgrading certain parts to adding completely new elements - your machines will be revamped like a high performance car. Every aspect of your machine will now be connected to a computer.

Increase Production Output and Quality

Your existing mechanical machine will increase accuracy by upto 300% depending on the type. 

The best part - it'll produce a lot more components, and improve your bottom line.

Save 70% Cost by Upgrading your existing Mechanical Machines instead of replacing them.

Steps for CNC Remanufacturing

Remove Old Components

We'll make sure every component is carefully removed, so that machine does not get damaged in anyway.

Incorporate New Mechanical Components

We will add rails, bearings and servo motors wherever it seems fit to make sure the machine is ready for a CNC Controller

Create Electric Circuitry

A traditional mechanical machine has very few electric components - we will design and implement an entire electric circuitry to ensure that the machine is compatible with a CNC Controller

CNC Controller Setup

All CNC Related equipment is designed into an CNC Cabinet with a FANUC controller - the bes the business. 

Machine Calibration 

To maximise accuracy, we will ensure that the machine is calibrated, aligned and ready to start manufacturing. 

Want help with remanufacturing your Machines?

​Let's connect you with our CNC Expert with over 20 years of experience upgrading  and retrofitting your existing machines.