• CNC Retrofitting

    Upgrade your CNC Machines to the latest control systems by Fanuc, Siemens of Mitsubishi. 

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How Retrofitting Can Help Boost Profits?

Retrofitting machines can have some serious advantages over buying an entire new machine. 

Here are some ways where it can result in serious advantages. 

Significant Cost Savings

Retrofitting can save significant costs when you compare with buying new machines, and retraining your staff to run newer machines. 

Low Machine Down Time

Laven will ensure you get your delivery or retrofit machine in a 3-4 weeks, so you're assured that your machine down time is very low.

Save Time

No need to retrain your staff, no changes in your facility layout and quicker turn around to integrate retrofit machine to your production workflows.

Save 66% Cost by Retrofitting CNC Machines instead of replacing them.

Steps for CNC Retrofit

Remove Old Components

We'll make sure every component is carefully removed, so that machine does not get damaged in anyway.

Rework Electrical Circuitry

With our robust electrical engineering teams, we will upgrade your controller and electrical circuitry to ensure it's compatible with Fanuc or Siemens controllers. 

Mount motors, control and connect cables

We will mount upgraded motors, control systems, and ensure all cables are perfectly connected. 

Machine Calibration 

To maximise accuracy, we will ensure that the machine is calibrated, aligned and ready to start manufacturing. 

Want help with retrofitting your Machines?

​Let's connect you with our CNC Expert with over 20 years of experience upgrading  and retrofitting your existing machines.