CNC Refurbishing Economics

Vijay Venkatesh Rao
21.05.21 05:15 AM Comment(s)

How CNC Refurbishing can save you factory from the capital crunch caused due to COVID?

Every factory has seen a slow down in flow of capital due to COVID.

In fact I have personally seen a lot of my customers slow down their capital investments due to COVID. 

So, how does a factory manage old machines which are breaking down and need to be "replaced"? 

CNC Refurbishing has always been an option. 

Here are some statistics to consider about CNC Refurbishing

  • Costs 20-30% of the total cost of a new machine
  • Can extend the life your machine almost 1.7 times it was initially planned to be replaced
  • Gives you the ability to retain various jigs, fixtures this can be a huge saving especially for special part manufacturers - who have made huge investments in these custom jigs and fixtures - 100% cost saving
  • Overall it takes half the time to go live with CNC Refurbishing instead of buying a new CNC Machine. 
  • Your factory saves almost 80% of the cost of training - as apart from few upgrades, your existing staff is already trained!

So I urge you to do this, consider Refurbishing to Extend life of your existing CNC Infrastructure. 

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