Laven Manufactures world class CNC Centre-less grinding machines delivering excellent precision and high accuracy.

CNC Centerless Grinding Machine For In-Feed and Thru-feed Application

Grinding Capacity and Grinding Wheel
Regulating Wheel & In-Feed Slide
Grinding wheel Dresser & Regulating Wheel Dresser
CNC Control system & Power requirements
Grinding Capacity and Grinding Wheel
Grinding Capacity

Diameter (mm)            4-14Ø

Length (mm)                190

Centre height (mm)     1050

Dimensions (mm)        508Ø

Grinding Wheel

Width (mm)                 30

Bore (mm)                    304.8Ø

Velocity (m/s)               33

Min Diameter(mm)      400Ø

RPM of the Wheel(rpm) 1260

Regulating Wheel & In-Feed Slide
Regulating Wheel

Diameter (mm)            300Ø

Width (mm)                  200

Bore (mm)                     127Ø

Min Diameter(mm)       220Ø

V.F.D Speed (rpm)        8-300

Tilting  Angle                 ± 5°

In-Feed Slide

Least count(mm)        0.001

Swivel (mm)                 ± 3°

Servo Motor( Nm)       12

Feedback system        Motor                                             Encoder

Grinding wheel Dresser & Regulating Wheel Dresser
Grinding wheel Dresser

Least Count (mm)        0.001

Servo motor (Nm)        4

Feedback system         Motor                                           Encoder

Regulating Wheel Dresser

Traverse movement-Gear motor with Ball screw and VFD

Minimum Depth of cut on diameter (mm) - 0.01

Traverse movement Feed (mm/min) -20-350

CNC Control system & Power requirements
Power requirements

Grinding Wheel Motor  15KW

Regulating Wheel Motor 3.7KW

Coolant Pump Motor   0.37KW

Lubrication Pump        0.12KW

Hydraulic Unit Motor  0.37KW

Crusher motor              1.1KW

CNC Control system

FANUC (2 axes)


Machine Bed

We use high strength cast iron which makes the machine bed rigid, vibration resistance and better heat resistant. The feeding mechanism adopts a swivel plate for adjustment of the job taper. All the casting parts (bed, two spindle housings, swivel plate, dressing bottom slide, dressing upper slide etc.) are treated for ageing.

Grinding Wheel Spindle Head

The grinding wheel spindle head is mounted on top of the base. The spindle assembly consists of hydrodynamic bearings with fine adjustments and accuracy. The grinding wheel is designed to accommodate 500 Diameter grinding wheel. The grinding spindle hardness is maintained within 58-60 Hours for long life. The motor drives the grinding wheel spindle rotating via V-belt.

Regulating Wheel Spindle

The regulating wheel spindle adopts double supporting anti-friction bearings, including one pair of roller precision bearing for radial force and one pair of angular contact bearing for axial force. The reg. wheel can achieve step-less speed variation between 8 to 300 r/min by VFD. Outboard support is provided for better accuracy. The spindle hardness is maintained within 58-60Hrc for long life.

In-feed system

The In-feed system adopts two layers of slides. The upper one (regulating wheel head) adjusts to meet to grind different job dimensions and the bottom one for main in-feeding. The regulating wheel head feeding system as the main feeding system is driven by servo motor via ball screw. The feeding guide way is a linear flat guide way. Both the ball screw and linear guideway can lubricate themselves automatically with the help of auto lubrication unit which is provided along with the machine.

Grinding Wheel

 The grinding wheel profile is dressed by rotary diamond crusher. The dressing feeding is driven by servo motors and ball screws. The real-time compensation can be achieved in the two axes of dressing feeding and reg. wheel head feeding. The compensation amount, number of times and frequency can be adjusted on the operation panel. Both the Ball screw and linear guideway can lubricate themselves automatically with the help of auto lubrication unit which is provided along with the machine.

Dual path control

Dual path control enables parallel dressing and machining feature in the machine, so that the machine is not idle during dressing of the grinding wheel and continuous production is carried out.